Yvonne Halton -Ceramic Artist

Yvonne Halton

Yvonne has worked with clay for several years. She originally trained as a teacher and first jobs included teaching clay techniques and therapy at hospitals and a prison in Northumberland. She set up her first workshop next to the North Oxford Canal in Warwickshire where her parents ran a narrowboat business.  This included making personalised pots for the British Waterways and canal boats.

She now has a workshop in Saltford near Bath, where she produces individual ceramic vessels. These are decorated with brightly coloured bold illustrations inspired by everyday humorous situations and comical creatures. Ideas come from looking around at people, landscapes, events and animals. The clay is weighed out, carefully thrown to different shapes, and handles attached the next day. The clay sheets are rolled out with a slab roller, and assembled into flat or square shapes when the clay has stiffened slightly to hold its shape. The illustration is then scratched onto the surface, textures pressed into the clay and when dry, underglazes painted on to colour the design.

Yvonne sells her work in galleries and exhibitions around the UK

Facebook: Yvonne Halton Ceramics

Southview House
45 High Street
Bristol BS31 3EJ