Issi Bulloch – Jeweller

Issi creates unique ‘Botanical Natural’ Jewellery, talismans foraged directly from Nature, inspired by her love of Foraging and collecting.

‘In some ways I have created my own Cabinet of Curiosities. If you buy something from me just imagine that not long before, that earring, pendant, or ring used to be an over-looked plant in the garden, on the riverbank or in the woods. Leaves off a tree, a twig off a bush.

Every piece tells a tale; Dried slugs from the Summer 2022; Sea-glass and limpets found on the Isle of Tiree when I found out I was pregnant with twins; Fishbones from Kilifi on the Kenyan Coast where my Mothers Ashes were scattered; Oak leaves picked from a tree on the day of the birth of a friend’s daughter. I could go on… but every piece is a story, it’s my story.’