Sally Brooks – Ceramic Artist

Sally makes a range of unique, hand built, Raku fired clocks, vases, wall plaques, sconces and nightlight holders. The work is very influenced by art deco design and modernist architecture, combined with unique bold surface patterns and rich lustre glazes.

Each piece is completely unique due to the Raku firing process which originated in Japan and was part of the Zen tea ceremony. The firing process involves heating a gas fired kiln to approximately 1000 degrees C. When the glaze has melted the work is transferred using a large pair of tongs to a container containing wood shavings or straw. This immediately ignites and the container is sealed. The dramatic change in temperature causes the glaze to craze and the carbon from the smoke is absorbed into the clay. The burning also reduces the oxygen around the piece of work which creates the unique beautiful lustre glazes, only revealed after washing away the carbon coating.



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