Chris Hughes – Blacksmith

Chris has always had a fascination with making objects. He likes to think he began his journey to becoming a blacksmith as a young child playing with Lego. Ever since then he has jumped at the chance to play with any sort of material, using a variety of different techniques. Going through school he worked with wood, plastics, clay and sheet metal but nothing really grabbed him until he went on a weekend blacksmithing course shortly after turning 18. There was something about forging hot steel that he instantly fell in love with.

Using fire as a creative rather than destructive tool and seeing how the application of extreme heat turns steel into a wonderfully malleable material. Creating fluid and elegant forms from a heavy material which is usually literally ‘hard as nails’.

Chris spent 3 years at Hereford College of Arts earning a BA in Artist Blacksmithing, in the spring of 2013 he started his business ‘Chris The Smith’ and he’s been going at it hammer and tongs ever since!

He has been creating both sculptural and practical hand forged items from his workshop near Birmingham. He specialises in creating contemporary, hand forged, bespoke articles using simple yet elegant forms

Chris also runs experience sessions for members of the public who have always wanted to have a go at blacksmithing.
01564 822993 / 07824 880244

22 Middle Lane
B38 0DY