Sally Hutson – Stitched Textiles

Sally Hutson is a Textile Artist now living in Worcester. Patter, colour and texture are stitched together from antique and new fabrics using free motion machine stitching, quilting and embroidery techniques to create rich decorative painterly pieces.

Sally is intrigued by design elements and symbols within illuminated manuscripts, Pre-Raphaelite Paintings and Iconography. A fascination with all things medieval, her work features faces, figures and text. As a Textile Historian Sally believes old and worn cloth have memory held within the weave and threads. She stitches these fading memories into a beautiful rich narrative of past times and lives.

Sally has an MA in Textiles and Anthropology. She taught full time for 20 years in college and university within Art & Design Dept. Sally runs workshops and gives talks to groups.

01905 936025