Dave Cockcroft – Greenwood Craftsman

Dave makes hand carved wooden chairs using locally sourced hardwoods like ash and oak.

Starting from freshly felled logs he cleaves, hews and carves pieces that are then dried and assembled. Making use of the natural curves in the pieces of wood Dave can make unique pieces or use steam bending to make matching sets.

Dave learned his craft from modern pratictioners including Mike Abbott and Gudrun Leitz, but his main design influences come from the Arts and Crafts movement and the chair making of Gimson and Clissett. He enjoys the simple elegance of shaker furniture and Welsh stick chairs, striving for the elegant, clean lines of makers such as John Brown and Chris Williams.

The simple jointing techniques developed by traditional chairmakers – or bodgers – are used to create strong and elegant chairs that will last a lifetime.’ 

Dave makes a wide range of commissioned furniture from stools and coffee tables to garden benches and even the occasional dining table.

Alongside the furniture he also carves wooden household items, in particular hand carved wooden spoons and bowls, and runs a series of workshops teaching spoon carving, details of which can be found on his website.



07768 418960