Lizzie Weir Anatole Design 

Contemporary fabric and textiles

I am a fine art textile designer, specialising in bespoke printed fabric, producing pieces that are original, hand printed and truly unique. I create limited print runs, giving the fabric an exclusive and luxurious feel, I do not want to produce volume, preferring to focus on strength of concept, visual aesthetic and quality.

I work from my studio in Hyde, overlooking the beautiful valleys and vistas of Stroud.

My work is abstract in its theme; the shapes within the fabric are organic and linear, taken from my drawings of rocks, fossils, crystals and shadows. I am interested in mark making, this is where the collection started, the desire to create marks in the abstract, patterns and shapes. It is essential to me that the marks stay honest, they are not over complicated, repetition of particular marks interest me, as the more you draw and mark make the more patterns appear.

I create fabric by layering the shapes, spending time considering the relationship between the shapes, to ensure balance and an exceptional level of aesthetic.

I work in a diverse colour palette, from ‘Cotswold’ tones through to neon’s and metallic, colour is a key element to my work. I am really interested in combining palettes, perhaps adding an accent of neon into a muted palette, adding a contemporary feel.

Currently I am printing: tea towels, cushions, headboards, aprons and fine art jewellery pieces.

I would be thrilled to discuss bespoke commissions, to create the perfect design for you or your home.


Lizzie Weir

12 Ashley Drive,





01453 885065/07739179168


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