Lady of Leather Jade Evans

Based in Stroud and with an equestrian background, Jade grew up understanding and appreciating good quality leather. With mentors such as Athene English and John Haggar she learnt to hone the versatility of leather to create her own, unique products. Creating strong, hard-wearing items and exploring the natural beauty and sensual elegance of leather. All work is done by hand, typically using the traditional saddler’s stitch, which, unlike machine stitching, employs a twist within every stitch so if one stitch goes the rest don’t follow!

Jade has a wide range of products available from dog-ware to belts, key rings, bags and much more besides. All her leather is English, sourced either from a long-established family-run tanners in Bristol and Devon or the beautiful Segwick leather. Most of the hides used are plain ‘veg tanned’ which Jade dyes by hand. Fittings are almost always solid brass and a few are nickel plated. She can’t stand flimsy fittings!

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Far Bank Farm
Sugley Lane

Tel: 01453 835588
Mobile: 0781 3624122



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