Tara Davidson- Ceramic Artist

Based in her studio near Cirencester Tara forms each ceramic piece by hand, making beautiful delicate vases, bowls, nightlight holders and small dishes. Tara impresses fabrics into the soft clay for her vases, and creates bowls with soft folded edges in semi transparent porcelain clay.

“I reflect my love of patterns in antique lace and fabric collected from around the world. “

Tara’s colour pallets are inspired by the countryside and wide open skies of her childhood and perfectly enhance the details of ceramic pieces. 

Inspired by the nature in her own garden Tara also creates sculptures that are both practical and beautiful, providing Birds, bees and hedgehogs, with food, water and shelter with a range of bird baths /feeders.


Email: tara@tarajane.co.uk

Tel: 07948 966 957

Roger Owen Artist/Maker

Roger’s creative work is developed through a multi-disciplinary approach centred on drawing and print, but often realised through ceramic media. Projects develop from a variety of personal enthusiasms, are original and show a sense of invention and craftsmanship. There is a particular interest in expressive mark-making, in Eastern Art and calligraphic brushwork.

Recent themes are fish and feathers; designs being developed with a combination of related abstract rhythmic marks and colours.

Roger currently has a workshop in Maze Studios, Barton Hill, Bristol. He is actively involved in teaching drawing and 3D practice in schools, and in further and higher education in the South West of England and a tutor at the Folk House, Park Street, Bristol.


Email: roger.owen@mail.com

Tel: 07726555260

Julie Sutton – Ceramic Creations


Julie Sutton – 1945 – 2018

Very sadly, Julie passed away in September.

She was one of our longest serving members and was always a passionate and committed member of our group. Julie served on our Committee for many years and was always a rational and sensible influence. She was always kind, quiet and unassuming but certainly stood her ground on matters that she felt passionate about. We will miss her very much.

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Sonya Wilkins- Ceramic Art

Sonya makes unique, handmade ceramic vases, platters and collectable jewellery at her studio in Bristol. She forages leaves from local arboretums, forests and her own garden to inform her designs. 

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